If there ever was a unique Texan, it was Pierre de Wet. He just had a Texique® about him. A native of South Africa, he brought the perfect blend of Africa and Texas to the wines of Kiepersol. Explosive charm and a flavor for life characterized Pierre himself and the wines he crafted.


This New World wine was one of the last things Pierre had his hands in and its big, silky smooth palate reflects his personal style. There is an edginess and worn creases in this wine that take perspective to appreciate.

You may not see this wine each vintage as it is the hallmark of this Kiepersol place, using only the grapes that show significance, grace and character. With extended barrel aging, you can feel the flavor layers that will continue to evolve within the bottle over time. It is a giant to be savored and cellared as well as a true player in line with world class wines.

 1. a Texan of unique character
 2. having no equal in Texas 

  • 100% Estate-grown, single vineyard
  • Glass bottle is 100% recyclable
  • One 750 mL bottle