2022 Flight Sweet Rosé

2022 Flight Sweet Rosé



Sweet delicacy in a bright Rosé. Flight by Kiepersol has the perfect elevated level of sweetness for a refreshing experience highlighted by a nose of strawberry, kiwi, and tangerine with a palate of roses and Concord grape. Sit back and enjoy the Flight!

The Spotted Feather...
Guinea fowl have been roaming the vineyards at Kiepersol for over 20 years. As stewards of the vineyard, their constant chatter keeps deer and birds away from the grapes. Their appetite for flying and crawling critters provides a natural defense for the vines. Feathers found throughout the vines are known to be good luck charms. We believe each spotted feather found represents a release of the past.  Flight is grown in a place where one can feel soulfully grounded while also letting dreams soar.

  • 100% Estate-grown, single vineyard
  • Glass bottle is 100% recyclable
  • One 750 mL bottle


Please allow 1-2 business days for processing. Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will ship the following Monday to preserve the integrity of the wine during transport. 

Flight Sweet Rose