2011 Kiepersol Tawny Port

2011 Kiepersol Tawny Port



Velvet and grace define this Port. The whispers of a chocolate hue in the wine lead to aromas of coffee fruit and sweet raisins. The cozy and luscious experience on the palate exudes caramel, walnut, and praline with a touch of black pepper.

2011 was a very dry year at Kiepersol allowing us to harvest concentrated and flavorful fruit that would stand the test of time.

Part of our 10-Year Port program, this is considered a Tawny Port - one that has slowly oxidized over time with the red and blue hues of a typical red wine gracefully giving way to the trademark "tawny" color.

Extended aging has held onto the fruity characteristics of date, prune, and raisins, while still picking up the nuttiness, chocolate, toffee, and hints of coffee aromatics imparted by the barrel.

  • 100% Estate-grown, single vineyard
  • Glass bottle is 100% recyclable
  • One 750 mL bottle


Please allow 1-2 business days for processing. Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will ship the following Monday to preserve the integrity of the wine during transport. 

2011 Port